Each time I got to a new place I was received with arms wide open. They showed me every corner, their secrets and their stories. They turned their place into my place and their family, my family.
I have been developing this activity professionally for the past 20 years and nevertheless I am always surprised of how different it always is. The season, the time, the climate or who you are with. It is always new. I want to get to know them and share with them as they did with me.

Amable Muñoz- Baqueano Cabalgata Cordillera del Viento

He is a settler from the northernmost area of Neuquen province, shepherd from the small town of Varvarco. He shared his home and his family with us, he taught us the secrets of this magical place known as Cordillera del Viento (Windy Mountains). He breeds and tames his own horses all year long, awaiting eagerly our arrival. His mother Custodia treats us as her foster children, Delia his wife and all her family spread along the mountains receive us in each stop and camp generously and share their stories and experiences. Amable leads us through these paths only they know and allows us to discover why they still choose to live there.

Enrique Figueroa- Guia Baqueano Cabalgata San Martin de los Andes

He is very young but carries the experience of being the one of many brothers. From the need to work since childhood in farming activities he learnt the secrets of horses and was able to turn this noble animal into his way of life. Amazing rider, he has an ability to tame swiftly the horses he later offers to us with an admirable docility.
He and his family have always lived in the heart of the Lanin National Park, and it is there where they take us through paths in a forest otherwise impenetrable

Victor Kozaczec- Cabalgata El Oasis

Eternal legends and surprising traditions form the Mapuche communities in San Martin de los Andes. Victor, whose life story could be mentioned in any book of ethnical history shares and defends these intercultural and civilizing paths of his foster grandparents who brought him up. The story of a nation along the years; its culture and will to keep those traditions, language and beliefs alive. From this position he chooses to share this activity with us, this small part of his community, mixture of small houses and huge mountains. A live example of the efforts living in such beautiful places requires.